Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What would God say to Richard Dawkins?

Hello everyone! I've been wanting to post this audio link for quite sometime because I believe it is worth a listen. It provides some insight into the illogical thinking Richard Dawkins is guilty of when he attempts to explain away the existence of God.

The link provided is a lecture by a former atheist named Melvin Tinker entitled, "What would God say to Richard Dawkins?"

To listen, click here: http://bethinking.org/resource.php?ID=346


Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross

Author's Note: In this lecture, Tinker refers to the fact that Dawkins turned down Dr. Alister McGrath to debate, however, since then Dawkins has debated McGrath. However, Mr. Dawkins has decided not to debate author Dinesh D'Souza, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and master debater, Dr. William Lane Craig.


jim said...

Alister McGrath spent most of the debate not answering questions posed by Dawkins in the debate I saw. D'Souza is laughable in any debate I've ever seen him involved in...I can't believe anybody, atheist or otherwise, would show up on the same stage as this clown. Boteach is alright, I guess...same old rationalizations, though. Have only read Craig debates...less than convincing, IMO. I'm not particularly fond of Dawkins' debating style, either, though he DOES make his points fairly succinctly. But for common sense atheism, I'll take Sam Harris over the lot, including Hitchens. A solid debater, with more substantive rhetoric than most. A real treat to watch. Oh! Robert Price is really good, as well. Gives you a good sense of the history behind Christianity's invention. Knowledgeable fellow...good synthetic approach to the subject.

Chad G. said...

Hello jim,

Thank you for visiting our blog. I appreciate you taking the time to check it out.

I could not agree with you more regarding McGrath. I was very disappointed with his showing in the debate with Dawkins. I would have enjoyed seeing him go on the offense a little more.

Regarding Dinesh, I don't agree with everything the guy says or how he says it for that matter, however, even Michael Shermer credits him for being a first rate scholar and Christopher Hitchens also credits him with being a tough debater so that should count for something. :-)

I would like to offer you a few excellent resources for audio debates and lectures:

1) bethinking.org- Various subjects by various speakers; articles as well

2) www.apologetics315.blogspot.com- Here, Brain offers a vast amount of debates, lectures, and articles. Most likely my favorite blog on the net.

Keep searching for answers and I hope you vist Truthbomb again in the near future.