Friday, July 04, 2008

Jesus Christ Never Existed?

Many today have fallen victim to the ridiculous assertion that Jesus Christ never existed. While this belief has all but died in academic circles, internet skeptics have attempted to advance this groundless theory.

We offer the following resources to debunk this absurd claim:

1) Here, apologist J.P. Holding offers exhaustive critiques of works done by those attempting to advance the Christ-myth.
Dr. Gary Habermas explains away the claims from G.A. Wells that Christ didn't exist.

3) Apologist Mike Licona destroy's Brian Flemming's movie (and I use that term loosely), The God Who Wasn't There.

4) "A page maintained by CADRE member the Venerable Bede, with contributions by CADRE member Christopher Price. Discusses the history of the Jesus Myth itself, provides the scholarly view of the Jesus Myth, responds to Earl Doherty, and addresses the supposed pagan myth parallels."

5) Scholarly reactions regarding the "Christ-Mythers."

6) An exhaustive collection of various works on the historical Jesus.

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross


jim said...

I doubt the question will ever be answered to everybody's satisfaction. However, it IS a fascinating discussion. But the idea that the Jesus of the bible is highly mythologized is a fairly mainstream concept amongst all but the most fundamentalist of bible scholars.

I was a Christian through most of my twenties, and the moment I set aside my Christianity, I saw the bible in a far different, and more realistic IMO, light. Since those days, I've read several testimonies of folks who went through a similar experience...there seems to be somewhat of an initial despair (after all, we had dedicated our lives to this belief system) followed by a rush of joy, as we were finally able to approach the bible stories in an honest light. It's an amazing experience to embrace intellectual honesty for the first time. This isn't meant as a put-down aimed at believers. But I'm telling you...there's a WHOLE lot of repression going on when reason becomes subverted by faith.

chad said...

Hello jim,

I hope all is well with you and yours. I greatly appreciate you sharing a bit about yourself.

I believe it’s important to note here that for every testimony you could provide of a believer turned non-believer, I could provide one of a long time unbeliever/skeptic/atheist who has become a Christian. Honestly, there are many smart people who are atheists and there are not so smart people who are atheists. There are very smart people who are theists/Christians and there are not so smart people who are theists/Christians. For this reason I believe it important to simply examine the evidence as honestly as possible.

You were kind enough to share a bit about yourself so I will return the favor! I was a non-believer for 25 years and always believed the Bible to be inaccurate and that God could exist, but I didn’t really care one way or the other. Then, upon studying the evidence, in-depth, for the resurrection of Christ and other lines of reasoning (science, philosophy, history), I became to believe in Christ and the God of Christianity. You see, it was largely my REASON that led me to Christ.

Regarding Jesus and contemporary bible scholarship, I respectfully challenge you statements with the following articles by me here:

Also see:

I believe the provided data here will challenge your presuppositions regarding the historic Christ.

Jim, I greatly appreciate your respectful comments and am grateful that we can share opposing viewpoints with a humble attitude.