Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Dead Sea Stone- Visions of Gabriel

For those who keep up with the "search" for the historical Jesus, you most likely caught wind of the news coming out of Jerusalem this summer reporting that a stone tablet had been found with writing on it referring to a coming Jewish Messiah that seemingly predates Jesus.

It is amazing to watch the popular media flock to this story and immediately begin jumping to conclusions about the historical Jesus and the evidence for His life, death, and resurrection. I have yet to see anyone in the secular media deal with the hard evidence of the resurrection sufficiently. To view some of this evidence, click here.

The following links offer insight into the what the stone actually says and what it could mean for the quest for the historical Jesus:

1) "What's Really on the new "Dead Sea Stone?" by New Testament Scholar Craig Blomberg- Here, Blomberg breaks down the text and explains exactly what is says and what it doesn't.

3) Gabriel's Vision: An Angelic Threat to the Resurrection? by Probe Ministries Patrick Zukeran

4) The Death and Resurrection of Messiah: Written in Stone by New Testament Scholar Ben Witherington

5) The "Gabriel Revelation" Stone- by Dr. Norman Geisler

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross

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