Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Upon a recommendation, I was finally able to view Ben Stein's controversial documentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Admittedly, when the film was released I was very skeptical about all the hype that surrounded it and was cautious not to endorse or denounce the picture until I was able to view it for myself.


With all of the negative media and venomous comments that have been made from the Neo-Darwinist camp regarding the film, I was expecting the movie to be more of a propaganda piece. However, I was surprised to see Stein sit down with intelligent men and women on both sides of the debate.

Stein seemed to be genuinely concerned about the bias that exists within the scientific community (as I am) and simply wanted to present another viewpoint that is not often seen in the mainstream media.

Clearly, Stein favored the IDers (hence why he made the film) however, I did not feel that he tried to demonize those in the opposing camp. I am sure that many of those interviewed said numerous things that they would have preferred be included or discarded from the documentary, however, atheists don't seem to mind this when Bill Maher does it.


I would have liked to have seen both the IDers and the Darwinists discuss more of the actually evidence that is in question during the documentary. However, I realize that Stein wanted to make his point in an entertaining manner.

And, on a lesser note, I could have done without some of the music during the interviews.


Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is worth seeing regardless of where you stand in the debate between Intelligent Design and Darwinism. Stein makes his point in humorous ways and I really enjoyed watching him sit down with numerous scholars and scientists that I read.

After watching the film, I couldn't help but reflect back to when Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was the center of controversy. I recall debating with someone who quipped, "What are you so worried about? If what you believe is true, it shouldn't matter. Besides, it's just fiction."

I also remember someone suggesting that the fact that so many "religious folks" were worried about the film served to prove that they are really insecure about what they believe.

Perhaps they were right; because the fact that so many Neo-Darwinists are so worried and upset about Expelled leads me to wonder: "If what you believe is true, it shouldn't matter."

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross


Anonymous said...

Expelled does not worry or frighten any Neo-Darwinists, to be honest. Expelled is nothing but a pack of lies and misinformation, and I say this as a creationist.
This site has a good run down on it:
Do not support false witnesses.

Chad said...

Anonymous One,

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I encourage our readers to visit the above link and weigh the evidence for themselves.

Regarding "supporting false witnesses," I would never knowingly do so and don't really appreciate the accusation. In my brief review, I never implied that I agreed with everything presented in the film; however, I think it does raise some great points.

Take care