Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Was the Resurrection Reported in the Year it Happened?

New testament scholar, Craig Blomberg, has written a blog entry about a new book written by prolific New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham.

Bauckham's forthcoming book actually argues that belief in the bodily resurrection of Jesus must have emerged within about one-half year's time after the event! This has huge ramifications regarding the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Blomberg puts it well:

"But the most common skeptical alternative in recent years, that the resurrection stories are just late myths in which beliefs about Jesus' cause living on became embodied in mythological garb, simply doesn't have the decades (or sometimes centuries) needed for it to have developed the way all other ancient myths did. At some point, one has to say that it takes more faith to believe in the alternatives to the historic, Christian conviction at this point than to believe orthodox tradition!"

To check out Bauckham's argument and Blomberg's full report, click here.

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