Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sermon by Ravi Zacharias: Mind the Gaps

Have you ever felt that God just doesn't make sense? Perhaps you were sure He would come through in a certain situation, only to be disappointed later. Or maybe you lost a love one seemingly before it was their time.

As apologist Ravi Zacharias explains in this two-part sermon entitled Mind the Gaps, sometimes there appears to be a serious gap between our human knowledge and God's infinite purposes. Many times, His ways are not our ways and it's difficult for us to understand.
I recommend this message to:

1. a "former believer" who is angry or disappointed with God
2. anyone who has ever felt disappointed when God seemingly didn't answer your prayer the way you thought He should.
3. someone who has lost someone they love.
4. anyone who wants to be reminded of the truth found in Romans 8:28.

Here it is:

Mind the Gaps
Part I

Mind the Gaps
Part II

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Courage and Godspeed,

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