Thursday, May 27, 2010

Audio Discussion: The Matrix, The Dark Knight, and Gran Torino with Stuart McAllister

Movies are often viewed simply as a form of entertainment or escapism by the viewer; however, we must not overlook the fact that in many ways, a movie can serve as a director's pulpit and we, especially as followers of Christ, must be aware of what exactly we are being "taught."

In this episode of RZIM's podcast Let My People Think, team member Stuart McAllister discusses the worldview messages that permeate many movies today and how the Christian can actually use film to creatively communicate the gospel message. This discussion provides a great lesson in discernment.

You can listen in here.

Courage and Godspeed,


Mariano said...

Indeed, good show!

Pardon the (pseudo) spam but I have been on this as well in considering “Theology at the Movies, in Books and on Television”

Chad said...


Hello brother! Your links are never considered "SPAM" here my friend!


Chad V. said...

Thanks Chad,

I appreciate you sharing this audio. What I learned from it is how you can utilize these movies to share the gospel. People look to movies for heroes and saviors and we need to take that opportunity to let them know there is a real Savior in Christ!

Thanks again, hope all is well!

Chad said...

Chad V.,

Hello "The Other Chad," what's going on? I agree with you completely. We would do well, as followers of Christ, to use these types of films as tools to illustrate the need for, and the reality of, a Savior!

I'll be in touch soon!