Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ravi Zacharias on Teaching Our Youth

"The Bible reminds us to guard our doctrine and our conduct. Our youth know firsthand what the world has to offer. They need to be reached at a younger age because of the world of the Internet that ravages young minds sooner than ever before. Building their faith is not a prime strength in our churches today. We seem to think that we need to entertain them into the church. But what you win them with is often what you win them to. They can see through a hollow faith in a hurry. Their minds are hungry for coherence and meaning. They long to think things through. They long to know why the gospel is both true and exclusive. None of these issues are often addressed within their own reach. I believe this is the most serious crisis of our church-going youth today. Their faith is more a longing than a fulfillment. We have a special burden for the youth. We will keep at it as we try to reach them. It’s a tough world for the young."

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Sherese James said...

Thank you so much for writing about this very pressing issue. It is a calling of mine to reach young people. And it is this very time in life that I see the need so heavy. Media is quickly ravaging the minds of young people...and the church in general seems to be a bit sleep on this issue. Not only do I serve youth in the church, but I also serve them in local communities. Children, once they reach middle school and high school years, seem to no longer be a priority in the church or out. But it is during this very age group that guidance, reasoning, and someone they can be real with is needed. They indeed see past the "fluff" and are quick to dismiss them. Those that go to church may only go once a week for a couple of hours, but the rest of their week is surrounded by carnality and things of this world. Their peers and the media is where they find answers on real life issues and it is also shapes their thinking. The church needs to wake up to do more specifically for the youth who are the adults of tomorrow....and also show support to those who are willing to labor in that potential harvest.