Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Problem of Evil and Suffering

On November 20, 2013, I had the privilege of attending and hearing Ravi Zacharias speak at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore on “The Problem of Suffering and the Goodness of God”.

He began the lecture discussing one of the problems with the skeptic’s solution: trying to make value judgments after denying the existence of values.  He then opened with a quote from the lyrics of the Moody Blues song Question, “Why do we never get an answer when we’re knocking at the door?”  Next he describes three aspects of the problem - the reality, the universality and the complexity. He goes on to share four answers provided by the Christian worldview - God is the author of life, there is a story, life is sacred and the cross.  He then closes with another quote from the song Question, “I'm looking for someone to change my life.  I'm looking for a miracle in my life.”

Of the many thoughts and points made in the lecture, there are two that stand out to me.  The first was when he was discussing the historic philosophical search for unity in diversity.  Earth, air, water, fire - what is glue that holds them all together, what is the fifth essence, the quintessence?  I realized that the quintessence for science is evolution.  In some form, everything is a result of evolutionary processes.  The second was when he was sharing his version of the moral argument.  If evil exists, then good exists.  If good and evil exist, then there is a moral law.  If there is a moral law, then there is a moral law giver.  The question arises, why must there be a moral law giver?  The answer is because when the problem of evil arises the question is always raised by a person or about a person.  The intrinsic value and essential worth of the person is explicit in the problem.

To listen to the entire presentation and Q&A that followed, go here. 

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