Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Problem of Suffering and Evil Part 5

This week we conclude Dr. William Lane Craig’s disposition on the problem of suffering and evil given to his Defender’s class.  Last week he introduced the first of four Christian doctrines that increases the probability of God’s existence with suffering and evil, the purpose of life.   The remaining doctrines he discusses this week are humanity’s rebellion, eternal life and the incommensurable good that is the knowledge of God.

After a brief Q&A that includes a discussion of Voltaire’s Candide, Dr. Craig points us to the answer that only Christianity can offer, and few of us truly comprehend – the cross.  He then ties everything together with the story of Mabel, a very moving account of the power of the Gospel.

Go here to listen to the audio or here to read the transcript.

Next week we will continue our exploration through the thoughts of Ravi Zacharias and his team at RZIM.

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