Tuesday, June 03, 2014

A Quick Refutation of Pluralism

In our current Sunday School class we are working through Greg Koukl's Interactive Series Tactics in Defending the Faith.  

In the series Koukl demonstrates quickly and concisely why pluralism (the view that all religions are equally true and valid) defeats itself or, in his words, commits "suicide."

His reasoning is as follows:

1. If all religions are true, then Christianity is true and valid, yet an essential claim of Christianity is that all other religions are false, taken as a whole.

2. Either Christianity is true and others are false, or others are true and Christianity is false.

3. Either way, all religions can't be true.

Contradiction: All religions are true.  All religions are not true.

So, the next time someone claims that all religions are equally true and/or valid, you'll be ready to demonstrate how this view defeats itself!

Courage and Godspeed,

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Bo in Memphis said...

I'm a big fan of Koukl! Seeing your picture of the elephant example, I'm reminded of something I heard Ravi Zacharias once say in an event, and that was that in that example, the only thing person that knows for sure that everyone is touching the elephant is the elephant! So the person giving that example in a way is claiming to have this knowledge that is quite exclusive in this case.

He used the same example for the "Many paths up the same mountain" story. The only person that knows all paths lead to the top is the person on the top, so anyone claiming to have this knowledge is claiming to be on top of that mountain, a.k.a be God