5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Christianity First...by Craig Hazen

1. Because it is testable.  It is the only religion that you can check out, and if it doesn't match up with history, with the facts it claims, then you can discard it immediately.  (Roman history, resurrection...)

2. It is a concept of grace.  It is the only religion that offers salvation as a free gift, up-front.  So why not check it out first?

3. You get to lead a non-compartmentalized life.  Buddhism lives in 2 worlds...physical and spiritual...

4. Christianity has the best worldview fit...It has the best view on evil and suffering...neither a Buddhist nor a Wiccan priestess can explain the holocaust.

5. Jesus Christ.  All the major world religions have Jesus in their religion...so why not check out the one that has Jesus at the center? [1]

Courage and Godspeed,

1. From Dr. Craig Hazen, Talbot Lecture Series, 2000 as featured by Search Ministries in their Questions Study Guide.


David Evans said…
Yes, Christianity makes testable claims, and some of them check out. Pontius Pilate and Herod are historical figures. Fine. Now what do the Roman records say about the darkness over all the land at the time of the crucifixion, and the multiple resurrections thereafter? What does Egyptian history say about the plagues and the Exodus? What does science say about the global flood, and the sun standing still? What about the many who have inferred, from their reading of the Bible, that the world was about to end, and have always been wrong?

It seems to me that when Christianity has made testable claims it has often failed.
Kanbei85 said…
If you do some simple research, you will find records of ancient historians trying to explain the darkness at Jesus' crucifixion DO exist. Your claims are simply factually wrong. Egyptian history is a biased and incomplete record- often kings refused to record things that reflected poorly on them. History as a field is not the same thing as doing objective experiments in a lab setting- don't make the mistake of failing to understand that. Global flood? Science says a LOT to support it. Finding marine species on mountain tops is a good start. The fossil record itself is a record of rapid catastrophe- not gradual deposition.

People have often misunderstood the bible into thinking the world was about to end- but they weren't really reading the Bible very closely. The Bible clearly says that Israel will exist as a nation in the last days- so anyone thinking the world was ending prior to 1948 was delusional. The prophecies of the Bible are coming to pass, and peoples' misreadings or misinterpretations of them throughout history say nothing about those scriptures themselves- only about the people who failed to read them properly.