2013 Mt. Airy Apologetics Conference Audio

With Mt. Airy's 2014 "Defending the Faith" conference quickly approaching [For details, see here.], I thought it would be useful to list the audio from last year's conference.  This was one of the best conferences I have attended and the speakers were excellent.  They were as follows:

1. "Why I Became a Christian:"Understanding Truth  -Brett Kunkle

2. "Cold Case Christianity:"Understanding the Facts of Christianity  -J. Warner Wallace

3. "Truth and Compassion:"What You Need to Know about Homosexuality  -Alan Shlemon

4. "The Case for Life:" Does Being Pro-Life Even Matter?   -Jay Watts

5. "How to Become a Apolojedi:" Using Practical Apologetics  -Nathan Hansen [1]

Enjoy and be sure to register for the upcoming Mt. Airy "Defending the Faith" Conference here.

Courage and Godspeed,

1. Audio originally found here.