Monday, December 08, 2014

Intolerable Images

I had the privilege to speak at the Apostolic Church of Maryland1 yesterday to help fellow followers of Christ make the pro-life case to a society that largely thinks that choosing whether or not to have an abortion is no different than choosing to have vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream. I spoke of the power of graphic images to change such thinking. Such images can be seen here.

Followers of Christ must represent him rightly when making the pro-life case by being gentle, wise, and compassionate; even more so when it is coupled with graphic images. But we must have the courage to show these images because America will continue to tolerant an evil it never has to see.

If you have seen such images and have been moved to take action go here and/or moved to learn how to make the pro-life case go here.

Stand firm in Christ,

1. The congregation I spoke to does believe in the Trinity.

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