R.C. Sproul on the Task of Apologetics

"The task of apologetics is to show that the evidence that the New Testament calls people to commit their lives to is compelling evidence and worthy of our full commitment.  That often involves a lot of work for the apologist.  Sometimes we would rather duck the responsibility of doing our homework, of wrestling with the problems and answering the objections, and simply say to people, 'Oh, you just have to take it all in faith.' That’s the ultimate cop-out.  That doesn't honor Christ. We honor Christ by setting forth for people the cogency of the truth claims of Scripture, even as God himself does.  We must take the trouble to do our work before the Spirit does his work, because the Spirit does not ask people to put their trust and faith and affection in nonsense or absurdity." [1]

Courage and Godspeed,

1. R.C. Sproul, An Introduction to Apologetics.
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