An Interview with Marine and Apologist Jason Ladd

Q: How did you get involved in apologetics?

My own journey toward becoming a Christian began with reading apologetics books. When I began realizing the caliber of people dedicating to answering questions about Christianity, I knew this was something I could really dig into.

Q: What would you say to the Christian who doesn't believe apologetics is necessary and thinks that we should just "live out" the gospel?

I would say that they're approach to living out the Great Commission is incomplete. The earliest Christians used both lifestyle evangelism as well as reason and logic to persuade non-believers. We should do the same. Some have said that apologetics can help clear out objections, giving the Holy Spirit room to work. I like that.

Q: How is your book different from other apologetics works?

I wrapped my apologetics in story. I wanted to attract the readers who might not normally pick up a book by an apologist, pastor, or theologian. But they might be interested in the story of a Marine fighter pilot.

Q: What advice would you give to young apologists?

It's never too early to share your faith. You know enough. Go forth with what you know. 

Q: What apologists have had the greatest impact on your own thinking?

I've been reading and listening to Ravi Zacharias for years now. Frank Turek is super engaged with our culture and has an active presence speaking to our youth in the universities. Dinesh D'Souza--thought widely know now for his political commentary--skillfully lays out arguments for the faith. And I'm becoming a huge fan of Os Guinness.

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Courage and Godspeed,