Thursday, November 30, 2017

Updated: The Usual Suspects- Responses to "Notable" Skeptics

This is a page designed to offer various critiques and answers to the arguments offered up by opponents of Christianity. I will be adding more names to the list. If you have a specific skeptic that you think should be included or an excellent response to one already on the list, please let me know via the comments.

Dan Barker

Answers to Dan Barker's Bible Quiz by J.P. Holding

A Response to Dan Barker's Pagan Christianity by Tyler V

Dan Barker's Losing Faith in Faith: A Critique by J.P. Holding

Taming Bible "Discrepancies" by Rachel D. Ramer- This article will aid readers in understanding Barker's brand of Bible reading.

Various Essays
by Mariano Grinbank of True Freethinker

Richard Carrier

A Response to "Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story" by J.P. Holding

Audio: Unbelievable? Was Jesus created as an ancient myth? Richard Carrier vs David Marshall

Jesus Did Exist: A Response to Richard Carrier by Jimmy Akin

Richard Carrier vs. William Lane Craig Audio Debate- This debate says a lot!

The Problem with Miracles by Kyle Butt

What Should Jesus Do? A Response to Richard Carrier by Carson Weitnauer

Richard Dawkins

A Review of The God Delusion by Bede

Comparing Dawkins' Blind Faith with Flew's Evidence by Peter S. Williams

Darwin's Rottweiler and the Public Understanding of Scientism by Peter S. Williams

Dawkins' Central Argument Once More by William Lane Craig

Debunking Dawkins: The God Delusion by Rich Deem

Does Science Prove that God Does Not Exist?  A Look at Richard Dawkins by Gregory Ganssle

Ed Feser Responds to Richard Dawkins on Thomas [Aquinas'] 5 Ways (Audio)

Freud's Dad & Dawkins' Delusion – C.S. Lewis Responds? by Melvin Tinker (Audio)

Reflections on Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker by Dallas Willard

Richard Dawkins' Argument for Atheism in The God Delusion by William Lane Craig

The Dawkins Confusion by Alvin Plantinga

The Storyteller and the Scientist by Phillip E. Johnson

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Richard Dawkins' Failed Rebuttal of Natural Theology by Peter S. Williams

What would God say to Richard Dawkins? Daniel Dennett

Daniel Dennett Hunts the Snark by David B. Hart

God, Naturalism, and the Foundations of Morality by Paul Copan

In Defense of Theistic Arguments- William Lane Craig critiques Dennett's arguments against theism (audio)

Book Review by David Bentley Hart: From Bacteria to Bach and Back by D. Dennett

Earl Doherty

Earl Doherty, the Jesus Myth, and Second Century Christian Writings by GakuseiDon

Earl Daherty's use of the Epistle to the Hebrews by Christopher Price Part I Part II

Earl Doherty use of the phrase "According to the Flesh" by Christopher Price

Mike Licona responses to Earl Doherty (Deals with Flemming's film, The God Who Wasn't There)

Bart Ehrman

A Response to Bart Ehrman by Thomas Howe [PDF]

Audio of Mike Licona Responding to Bart Ehrman by Apologetics315 [47 minutes]

Bart Ehrman's Misquoting Jesus: An Analysi
Bart Ehrman's Forged: Writing in the Name of God- A Review by Mike Licona

Ehrman Project- This site provides responses to Ehrman's provocative conclusions

Losing Christianity: A New Testament Scholar's Fall from Faith by Stephen J. Bedard

Misquoting Jesus: Does Bart Ehrman Prove that the New Testament is Corrupt? by Daniel McCarthy

Review of Bart Ehrman's Book: "Forged: Writing in the Name of God" by Mike Licona

Why the Followers of Jesus Recognized Him as Divine by Craig Evans (Response to How Jesus became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee)
Brian Flemming

A Review of The God Who Wasn't There by Mike Licona

The Argument that Wasn't There by Melinda Penner

Sam Harris

Among the Unbelievers: The Tedium of Dogmatic Atheism by Christ Lehman, Reason Magazine

Debate Audio: William Lane Craig vs. Sam Harris debate, "Is God Good?"  Here, Craig decimates Harris' thesis in his book The Moral Landscape.

If I Debated Sam Harris – a mock debate by Lisa Quintana

Is “Right” and  “Wrong” Simply a Matter of “Human Flourishing”? by J. Warner Wallace

Navigating Sam Harris' The Moral Landscape by William Lane Craig

Sam Harris, Christ’s Resurrection, and the Nature of Belief by Kyle Butt

Sam Harris' Faith in Eastern Spirituality and Muslim Torture by John Gorenfield

Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation: Answer Key by J.P. Holding

Sam Harris' Wrongheaded View of Christian Faith by Lenny Esposito

The End of Faith-a review by Peter Hartwell

The Faith of Disbelief by Dennis Prager

Stephen Hawking

As a Scientist I'm Certain that Stephen Hawking is Wrong. You can't Explain the Universe without God by Professor John Lennox

Has Science Eliminated God? with Dr. William Lane Craig (mp3s)
Part I Part II

Hawking and the Grand Designer MP3 by Peter S. Williams

The Grand Design- Truth or Fiction by Dr. William Lane Craig 

Christopher Hitchens: My Response to god is not Great by Mark Roberts

Debate Video: Does God Exist? William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens

Hitchens Doesn't have the Goods by Stand to Reason

Hitchens vs. Hitchens by Peter Hitchens

Is Christianity Good for the World? A discussion between Douglas Wilson and Christopher Hitchens hosted by Christianity Today

Lawrence Krauss 

A Universe From Someone: Against Lawrence Krauss by Peter S. Williams

"A Universe From Nothing" with William Lane Craig; a 3 pt. podcast

Fifty Shades of Nothing by Ed Feser

Not Understanding Nothing by Ed Feser

Pale, Small, Silly Nerdy: NY Times Give a Devastating Smack to New Atheists' Favorite Cosmologist

Scientists Should Tell Lawrence Krauss to Shut Up Already by Ed Feser

What Part of "Nothing" Does Lawrence Krauss Not Understand? by James Barham

John Loftus

Debate Video: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? - John Loftus vs. David Wood

Debate Video: John Loftus v. Abdu Murray- Was Jesus Raised from the Dead?

Loftus: Apologist to Atheist by Norm Geisler

Unbelievable? Does Christianity pass the Outsider Test? David Marshall vs John Loftus

What is Biblical Faith? by Chad Gross

Jeffrey Jay Lowder

In my opinion, Lowder is a top notch defender of metaphysical naturalism.  He is fair-minded and rigorous in his arguments.  Even as a Christian theist, I have found his work personally challenging and helpful.

Answers for Jeffery Lowder by David Marshall

Assessing Lowder’s Argument for Naturalism:     Part 1  Part 2

Debate Video: Jeff Lowder vs. Frank Turek- What Better Explains Reality: Naturalism or Theism?  My review is included.

Looking at the totality of the evidence: a response to Jeffery Jay Lowder via Uncommon Descent 

Jesus Seminar

Darrell Bock on the Jesus Seminar (MP3 Audio) by Apologetics315

Five Gospels, but No Gospel: Jesus and the Seminar by N.T. Wright [PDF]

Marcus Borg: a Critique by J.P. Holding

Rediscovering the Historical Jesus: Presuppositions and Pretensions of the Jesus Seminar by William Lane Craig

Response to J.D. Crossan: Doing Justice to Jesus by N.T. Wright

The Jesus Seminar and the Gospel of Thomas by James White

The Jesus Seminar Under Fire by Greg Koukl

Unmasking the Jesus Seminar by Mark D. Roberts

William Lane Craig vs. Marcus Borg: The Resurrection(MP3 audio) by Apologetics315

Michael Shermer

A Summary Critique: Why Science Can't Explain Morality by Paul Copan- Book review of The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, and Follow the Golden Rule

Michael Shermer and Ben Witherington Discuss the Gospels by Mariano Grinbank

Michael Shermer- The Moral Argument for Embarrassment by Mariano Grinbank

Michael Shermer, "Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against ID" (Lecture) Corrected by Doug Groothuis

Shermer's Conflicted Message by Casey Luskin

John Shelby Spong

Debate: William Lane Craig vs. John Shelby Spong: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Audio Video

Spong Kong Phooey by Brent Hardaway

What is Wrong with Bishop Spong? by Michael Bott and Jonathan Sarfarti

G.A. Wells

A Summary Critique: Questioning the Existence of Jesus by Dr. Gary Habermas

Courage and Godspeed,

Note to Readers: The use of the film The Usual Suspects is simply for creative fun! This is not meant to imply anything about skeptics themselves.


Shelby Cade said...

Thank you Chad, this is a great resource. I would only add Marcus Borg and John Dominick Crossan

Chad said...

Hello Shelby,

Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your great ministry!

Crossan is one I was planning on adding, but I had forgotten about Borg.



Dante said...

Wow, this is quite helpful. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the website.

The link on Christopher Hitchens

A Chapter by chapter critique of Hitchens' God is Not Great by Douglas Wilson [Be sure to scroll down]....

is down, could you please fix it?


Nick Potts said...

yea, I'm in the same boat as Shelby, I would like to see Borg and Crossan on there as well. other than that, thank you very much Chad, this is some great resources!

Chad V. said...

These resources will definitely help out with potential conversations with some family members who are not believers. Appreciate you putting this out here in one spot!!

Chad said...


Thank you everybody for your helpful suggestions!

I fixed the link to Doug Wilson's chapter by chapter review of Hitch's God is not Great. The format is a little strange, but it's there.

Further, regarding Borg and Crossan, I am thinking of adding a section that deals with the Jesus Seminar in general. It seems that most the refutations and rebuttals of their works that I am finding are under that label.


Thank all of you again!


Thomas Louw said...

Thanks guys this is going to be very helpful.
Do you know where I can get some information on the dating of the gospels?
I have read a few articles of guys claiming that even some liberals agree with conservative scholar Wenham on the dating of Matthew at about 46Ad. Do you know who they are?

Chad said...

Hello Everyone,

I added sections for the Jesus Seminar and Michael Shermer.

More to come!


Chad said...

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

A recent article I've checked out that could help is Recent Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels by Dr. Gary Habermas.

Do you know who they are?

I do not. If I run across anything in the near future that might be helpful I'll be sure to post it here!