Thursday, December 08, 2016

Abdu Murray makes his C.A.S.E. for the Resurrection of Jesus

Former Muslim Abdu Murray is a radio show host, professor, and the North American Director and Senior Itinerant for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.  On this edition of "The Exchange, " Murray shares the key evidence that convinced him to abandon Islam and embrace the God of the Bible.

Murray also explains the following acronym he and a friend developed to explain the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. It is as follows:

C is for crucifixion

Many sources, including anti-Christian sources including the testimony of Pontius Pilate confirm that Jesus was crucified.

A is for appearances

Stories of the resurrected Jesus appearing to Peter, James, and Paul are historically accurate.

S is for skeptics
James and Paul, some of the most infamous skeptics were converted. If those who have everything to lose are convinced you have good evidence.

E is for empty tomb

The Gospels teach that Jesus first appeared to the women outside of the tomb. Using the testimony of women as proof for the resurrection of Jesus would have been unwise because the testimony of women was virtually worthless in that time.

You can listen here.

You can learn more about Abdu, and Embrace the Truth ministries, here.

Courage and Godspeed,

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Anonymous said...

I take issue with your comment

"A is for appearances: Stories of the resurrected Jesus appearing to Peter, James, and Paul are historically accurate."

Are you not aware that most Christian scholars believe that
a) Mark is the earliest published gospel, and
b) Mark stopped writing at 16:8, which means Mark is not the author of the resurrection appearances in the "long ending" that most scholars also deny is authentic?

In other words, it is the opinion of most Christian scholars that the earliest published written gospel, was one that did not contain any resurrection appearance stories.

Is there something irrational about the atheist who adopts the majority Christian scholarly view of this matter?

Ben Wallis said...

We actually have very little evidence in the way of Jesus' supposed appearances. It is unclear, for instance, whether anyone who actually knew Jesus during his lifetime claimed to have experienced any appearances of the risen Jesus. For example, Paul claims that Jesus appeared to him but he did not know Jesus during his lifetime. Paul also claims that a risen Jesus appeared to James and Peter (who *did* know the pre-crucifixion Jesus), but it's hard to say whether he got this information from James and Peter themselves, or whether instead he was merely repeating an early Christian creed.

Of course, appearances mean little even when they actually do occur. What if, for instance, Jesus only appeared to his disciples in dreams? Or, what if he appeared to them in a different body than he had while living? Would we regard these alleged appearances as good evidence he had actually risen from the dead?

For my own part, I have long imagined most of the appearance stories to have resulted from a desire to earn authority in the early Church. For example, if Peter was Jesus' right-hand disciple, a lesser disciple might try to trump Peter's authority by falsely claiming an appearance of Jesus. Peter might have, in turn, falsely claimed an appearance of Jesus to prevent his authority from being thusly trumped. etc.

Other appearance stories might have resulted from simple exaggeration. For instance, some disciples of Jesus might have genuinely believed were visited the spirit of Jesus, but exaggerated by misrepresenting the spiritual visitation as a flesh-and-blood visitation.

Still other appearance stories probably came about by third parties. So, for instance, it might well be that Thomas never *himself* claimed that Jesus appeared to him, but rather others made that claim about Thomas, based on false traditions.

And so it goes.

Chad said...

Hello Ben and Anonymous One,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. You can find a helpful article on this subject here.

Happy reading!