Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Absurdity of Life without God

Dr. William Lane Craig has debated many well-known intellectuals and atheists. A comprehensive list of his debates can be found here.

In this post, I want to draw attention to a slightly dated, but very relevant, lecture by Dr. Craig entitled The Absurdity of Life without God.

In this lecture, Dr. Craig demonstrates why atheism does not correspond with reality.

One listener wrote of the lecture:

"Without a doubt, I found my faith again because of this lecture. This lecture walks the listener from the Big Bang to the death of our Universe, with man-kinds' existence playing out in front of the backdrop. He introduces us to influential characters throughout our history, both theist and atheist, whose ideas shaped the world....sometimes to our horror. And that's when the lecture really shines. Don't miss this one. Its one of my all time favorites." [1]

To view the lecture, click here.

Also, from Dr. Craig's recently re-released book, Reasonable Faith, you can read a chapter by Dr. Craig bearing the same name as the lecture. Check that out here.

Finally, you can find numerous audio, video, and study resources offered at Dr. Craig's Reasonable Faith Tools website.

Please enjoy!

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross


1) See comments section,

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