Thursday, May 21, 2009

Featured Article: What Makes the Christian God Unique?

In this week's featured article, apologist Kenneth Samples of Reasons to Believe shares just 3 of the ways that the Christian God is unique.

Check it out here.

Courage and Godspeed,
Chad A. Gross


Anonymous said...

The third distintive feature that sets Christianity apart has always been for me something that does not prove Christianity is true, but it definately makes the skeptic think.

Why in the world would man create a religion like this? It is totally against our nature because it is about what Jesus did for us and what He does through us. Every other religion is man centered, that we have it within us to save ourselves.

Even if Jesus was just a lunatic who created this religion and people did follow Him it would have quickly died out as we have seen with recent examples such as the Waco, Texas incident with David Koresh and the Jonestown Massacre with Jim Jones.

Anonymous said...

God as suffering man. In this, our suffering becomes God's suffering and God's suffering becomes ours. For me, this communion is one of the defining aspects of the Trinity. In Islam and Judaism, God is all powerful and often expressed as closest to the oppressed. But this compassion, empathy (Greek Sumpascho - feeling with...) of God, births a trust that God feels, understands and therefore wants to make something beautiful out of our suffering which will liberate us eventually from that suffering. The profound sense that our suffering is meaningful finds its most profound expression in the trinity of Christianity. I am a person who suffers severely from anxiety, medically, and have tried Islam, but Christianity gives me the deepest security. This is proof that our soul won't rest till it finds the true God, and that searching is inbuilt.