Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Featured Article: A Good Reason for Evil by Greg Koukl

In this week's featured article, A Good Reason for Evil, apologist Greg Koukl presents a "an adult rather than a childish perspective" on evil.

A Truthbomb team member, Chasen, summarizes the article quite well:

"I found A Good Reason for Evil a great read. Koukl destroyed the atheist argument that there is no God because evil exists. To concede that evil exists also concedes an objective moral law because how do we know something is evil? Therefore, there must be a moral lawgiver. So, they cannot even use evil as an argument. In fact they cannot even call it evil based on their system of belief. If there is no God, no life after this one, then it is just the way things are, it does not even matter.

His case [Koukl's] for God not creating evil was also amazing. God created all things, evil is a thing, therefore God created evil. Evil is not a thing. It is the absence of good the same way cold is the absence of heat and shadow is the absence of light. God created freewill, a good thing, for us. But with that free will we chose to disobey Him thus causing evil. Our actions cause evil."

You can check it out here.

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