Friday, June 19, 2009

How Did Jesus Argue? Jesus and Logic

As we bring our series on "The Greatest Apologist who Ever Lived: Jesus" to a close, I want to share an essay by Dr. JP Moreland entitled How Did Jesus Argue? Jesus and Logic.

It seems appropriate to end this series with an article by Dr. Moreland because he is one of the apologists leading the movement to restore the view of Jesus as "the smartest man who ever lived."

Dr. Moreland's book, Love Your God with All Your Mind, co-authored with philosopher Dallas Willard, is considered by many to be essential reading for the apologist and layman alike.

In today's essay, Moreland expands on this idea. He writes:

"To my mind, Jesus was the greatest thinker who ever lived. And while he did not come to develop a theory about logic or to teach logic as a field of study, it is clear that he was adept at employing logical forms and laws in his thinking and reasoning. We who are his followers should go and do likewise."

Regardless of your level of education in regard to logic, this article will challenge you and hopefully assist you in viewing Jesus in a new way: as an intellectual.

Check out this short essay here.

To find other great works by Dr. Moreland [and others], check out The Scriptorium.

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