Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interesting Atheism Links

In the past few weeks, I have read, or come across, numerous articles regarding atheism and wanted to draw attention to them for your reading pleasure:

Atheism Is Dead (AiD)

Mariano, of AiD, offers the following articles and resources:

Is Richard Dawkins still Alive?

Sam Harris- Letters to a Christian Nation

From Zeitgeist to Poltergeist- A massive essay focusing on Hitler, Communism, Atheism, and Darwinism. Enjoy!

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Premise and the Narrow Argument and On Stalin, Hitler, Communism and Nazism

Part 3: Hitler the Christian? and Hitler the Anti-Christian!

Part 4: The Faulty Conclusion and The Deicidal and Misanthropic Prophecies

Part 5: Would the Holocaust have happened if Hitler had been a Buddhist?

Part 6: If you were God would you have let the Holocaust happen? and God Exists and is Not Evil or Impotent But Still Let the Holocaust Happen and If God Does Not Exist

Part 7: Hints at the Other Side of the Story and Hitler as Bible Expositor and Nazism and Abortion

Part 8: What Smith and Dawkins Did Not Bother Mentioning

Part 9: Anti-Christian Nazism

Part 10: Imagine Utopia

Part 11: Atheist and Darwinist Communists

Part 12: Hitler’s and Nazism’s Darwinism and Use, Abuse and Misuse of Darwin

Part 13: Was Hitler a Christian or an Atheist?

[New]Atheists are Boring?

At least, that's what Charlotte Allen, in the Los Angeles Times, thinks! Allen writes:

"What primarily seems to motivate atheists isn't rationalism but anger -- anger that the world isn't perfect, that someone forced them to go to church as children, that the Bible contains apparent contradictions, that human beings can be hypocrites and commit crimes in the name of faith. The vitriol is extraordinary. Hitchens thinks that "religion spoils everything." Dawkins contends that raising one's offspring in one's religion constitutes child abuse. Harris argues that it "may be ethical to kill people" on the basis of their beliefs. The perennial atheist litigant Michael Newdow sued (unsuccessfully) to bar President Obama from uttering the words "so help me God" when he took his oath of office.

What atheists don't seem to realize is that even for believers, faith is never easy in this world of injustice, pain and delusion. Even for believers, God exists just beyond the scrim of the senses. So, atheists, how about losing the tired sarcasm and boring self-pity and engaging believers seriously?"

Check out her entire article, entitled Atheists: No God, No Reason, just whining...superstar atheists are motivated by anger-and boohoo victim hood.

Further, you can check out PZ Myers' (who was mentioned in Allen's article) response here. I believe Myers serves to prove a few of Allen's points. Can you include anymore straw men than he does here?

You can also hear Dr. William's Lane Craig's (Craig has debated Christopher Hitchens) comments about Allen's article here.

Finally, in this short little audio (2:17), Dr. Craig and Kevin Harris discuss the oft repeated claim that an atheist is someone who simple "lacks belief in God..." Check it out here. Thanks Apologetics 315.

Please enjoy these resources.

Courage and Godspeed,


Fusion! said...

Not sure where you fall in the apologetical spectrum, but for the last month or so, James White has been going through William Lane Craig's Sunday school material and some of his debates and really giving a serious critique. You might disagree, but it's worth listening to. He himself just debated Dan Barker.

Chad said...


Thank you, once again, for the resource. I actually have listened to some of White's commentary on Craig, Licona, and a few others. He provides some interesting insights, for sure.

I find that different apologetic approaches work better for different people, depending on their background and worldview.

I admire JW's zeal for the scriptures and his desire to honor God.