Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jesus the Logician

As we continue our series, "The Greatest Apologist Who Ever Lived: Jesus," we will take a look at an article by Dallas Willard that really serves to compliment Willard's lecture, featured on Truthbomb here, entitled Jesus as an Logician and Apologist.

In Willard's article, Jesus the Logician, he writes:

"In understanding how discipleship to Jesus Christ works, a major issue is how he automatically presents himself to our minds. It is characteristic of most 20th century Christians that he does not automatically come to mind as one of great intellectual power: as Lord of universities and research institutes, of the creative disciplines and scholarship. The Gospel accounts of how he actually worked, however, challenge this intellectually marginal image of him and help us to see him at home in the best of academic and scholarly settings of today, where many of us are called to be his apprentices."

Check it out here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we will be featuring an essay by Dr. J.P. Moreland entitled How Did Jesus Argue? Jesus and Logic.

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