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Apologist Profile: Glenn M. Miller

If you are seeking in-depth, thorough treatments of the toughest questions thrown at the Christian faith, Glenn Miller's A Christian Thinktank is the place for you on the web.

I believe Miller expresses this best when he writes:

"It would be easy to attack the 'fortress' of the Christian case on many, many small-medium points, BUT TO CONSTRUCT AN ALTERNATIVE SYSTEM that would be able to withstand the same caliber of intellectual examination on as many fronts, I put well beyond the practical realm of feasibility.

Thirty+ years of questioning and study and increasing honesty with the data (good, bad, and ugly) later, I have a worldview that has been confirmed in so many ways--intellectual, experiential, spiritual. I have so MANY MORE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS NOW than I did then, but I have had SO MANY "Tough Ones" answered already, that I have a "justified belief" that my core worldview (although very corrigible) is nonetheless basically on track.

There is no complacency herein...I still agonize over some issues, and 'fret' about others and analyze scores more...but I have learned that it is the God of Truth himself who drives me into the questions and who 'stokes the fire' in my pursuit of truth." [1]

Miller explains elsewhere the primary purpose of his ministry:

"I try to help people find answers to tough questions that shred their souls." [2]

To read more about Glenn and his personal story, see here.

Educational Background (as made available via his website)

  • BS, MS in Computer Science
  • BA, ThM in theology
  • One year toward a Ph.D. in philosophy

The Christian Worldview

A presentation, explanation, and mini-argument for the faith

Relevance of the Christian Worldview

Thumbnails...Small explanations of Christian Understandings
(Great to use in conversation!)

Biblical Evidences/Questions

Did the NT authors invent the stories in the gospels?

Wasn't the process for deciding what books where to be included in the bible BOGUS?!

How the Old Testament was Written

Does God condone slavery in the Bible?

Existence of God

What makes you convinced God exists?

Is God cruel, schizoid, or psychotic?

Historical Jesus

Extra biblical, Non-Christian Witnesses to Jesus before 200 a.d.

Is the Sermon on the Mount actually an ancient Essene prayer dating to hundreds of years before Christ?!

Was Jesus Christ just a Copycat Savior Myth? (Part's A & B)

Was Jesus a failure as a Messiah?

The Christian Experience

The First-step toward God

Faith is simpler than it looks...

What is a Christian?


Why can't God just forgive sin, instead of demanding justice?

Was God so 'needy' that He had to create the universe?

Why isn't the God of the Bible showing Himself to me?

Other Helpful Resources

Audio/Video Lectures Page

Topic Index
- Master index of Subjects and Questions from A-Z

Hallway of Questions- Answers to "Tough Questions"

Common Objections- Reasons some people give for not approaching Jesus Christ for a personal relationship

Recommended Books


I encourage our readers and team members to set aside some time to explore Mr. Miller's massive website. If you have an objection or tough question you are struggling with, chances are this is the place you will find the answer.

Courage and Godspeed,


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2. Ibid.,

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