Saturday, July 04, 2009

Can you "provide evidence for atheism, or evidence of absence?"

Reasonable Faith is the website of Dr. William Lane Craig. One of the features of the website is a Q and A section where a reader is able to send Dr. Craig a question and he responds to them in some detail.

You can find the archive of past Q & A's here.

This week's question deals with the debate Dr. Craig had with Christopher Hitchens on the topic of "Does God Exist?" The question, submitted by Steven, is as follows:

Dear Dr. Craig,

I really loved the debate between you and [Christopher Hitchens] and I was impressed at your organization. One thing, however, that I find unfair is that you asked Hitchens to provide evidence for atheism, or evidence of absence. I've thought long about what kind of evidence of absence could possibly be produced, not just for God but for Santa Claus or tooth fairies. I'm not saying that he can ignore the evidences for a God, but I believe that his only job should have been to knock down your arguments.

In short, can you please give me examples of the kind of convincing evidence of absence of a God or other beings?



Sometimes Dr. Craig will pass-off the question to a Reasonable Faith volunteer or intern, which was the case with this question. I found Shaun's answer to be very interesting.

Check it out here.

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