Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jesus: The Intellectual

As I mentioned last week, I had the opportunity to share a message at my home church this past Sunday.

The message, entitled Jesus: The Intellectual, is now available online here.

Feedback is welcomed; enjoy!

Courage and Godspeed,


Yeah Billy said...

Nice work Chad, thought provoking and well put together.

Chad said...

Yeah Billy!

Hey brother! Thank you so much for the kind words.

I haven't forgotten about you! I'll be in touch!

God Bless

Marcus McElhaney said...

Chad, this was a great sermon. You were so engaging and I liked the life examples you gave. I can relate! I also really enjoyed the prayer at the end!

Chad said...


I greatly appreciate that encouragement; thank you!

Thank you so much for the feedback!


Peter said...

Jesus Christ is the Greatness teacher ever lives...