Monday, December 14, 2009

Resources about the Twilight Saga

Unless you live in a cave and rarely venture out of it, you have most likely heard of the new book and film series, Twilight, based upon the books by Stephanie Meyer, a Mormon. The book centers around the romance between teenager Bella and Edward, a human-vampire.

Here at Truthbomb, we desire to not only inform followers of Christ, but to also provide them with useful, practical, and relevant information. It occurred to me that many Christian parents may have questions about this new book series such as: 1. What is this all about? 2. Should I let my teen read these books? Watch the movies? 3. Are there any Christian themes in the stories? 4. Is it violent? 5. Is it demonic?

There are many more I could list and while I haven't read the books, it is my desire in this post to provide parents and teens with some Christ-centered resources that discuss the various themes and issues in the Twilight saga:


The views represented in this post vary. More resources will be made available if/when they are found. If you know of any, or have any thoughts to share about the books or movies, please send them our way or share!


Courage and Godspeed,


lavinia4truth said...

Thanks for the information, Chad. also has a pretty lengthy article regarding the Twilight Saga.

Chad said...


Thank you so much! I am amazed at the youth book section at an area bookstore. I think 80% of the books are vampire related; interesting trend.

I appreciate the resource and I'll check it out!


Jake said...

This comment was made by somebody else the other day while we were discussing the new movement of vampire movies. The other person commented on how interesting it is that in these popular new age movies no matter what they are about there is always a good vs bad theme. Good aliens vs. bad aliens, good vampires vs. bad vampires. So I guess there still is hope!! It's also going to be a tough time once the good element is taken out of the movies and media and our society only leans to the evil side.


Anonymous said...

Although there is still a theme of good vs evil, I can't help but think that this vampire/alien/ghost/medium popularity amongst especially the teen population is just a big illusion. Perhaps it is just another method by the enemy for these folks to seek immortality, power, etc. apart from God. It's just a newly repackaged lie from the enemy. I used to watch many movies,TV shows, etc. with similar themes, but frankly, I find no joy in it now. I leave the theater very disappointed if the movie has not brought glory to God. When I am tempted to see a movie that is quite popular but is not considered a movie that would necessarily be pleasing to God, I am typically reminded of the Bible verse Phillipians 4:8.


Chad said...


Great points; I would recommend or for great movie reviews from a Christian perspective. I always like to read the reviews before watch the flick. It helps me decide if I should see it or pass.

Godspeed to you both

Lavinia4truth said...

Thanks for the resources. I also like to check out movies for content at They evaluate not only for content but for Christian worldview and rate the movies anywhere from -4 (abhorrent) to +4 (exemplary).