Friday, February 05, 2010

Featured Resource: I Love Atheists- Just not their Worldview

In the past week I have talked with two people who have relatives or friends who are devout atheists. Many times, I believe atheists scare Christians away, but there is not reason to fear them and their questions. I actually believe that Christianity offers compelling answers for those who are sincerely seeking the truth. not their worldview is an outstanding Internet outreach to atheists that boasts an excellent team and useful resources such as:

Top 100 Atheist Challenges- This is a massive list of the most common atheist objections followed be clear, concise answers.

Proof that God Exists

The Best Apologetics Resource on the Internet! - Apologetics 315!

Our Favorite Podcasts

Favorite Blogs- Truthbomb made the list!
  • And more!
If you are looking for excellent answers for the most common atheist objections, I would encourage you to visit and register[It is free and takes less than two minutes] so that you can take advanced of this outstanding website!

I have also added to our Apologetics Arsenal here.

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