Thursday, March 25, 2010

DVD Preview: The Bible vs. Joseph Smith

"In this unique documentary, produced entirely in Israel, a Christian and a Mormon sit down to dialogue about one of the most important questions of faith: How do we know if a prophet is speaking the truth? Listen in on their fascinating discussion and follow along as they travel throughout the Holy Land in search of the facts. They will put Biblical prophets and Mormon prophets to the test in order to find out if their predictions actually took place in history. If even one prediction fails to come true, then that prophet fails the test!"

-118 Minutes.


"Epic! From the makers of the DVD The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon comes this new DVD that will equip Christians to talk to Mormons and will serve as a powerful witnessing tool. I dare Mormons to watch this! If they watch it with an open mind, they will surely have their faith challenged. Highly recommended."

Charlie Campbell

You can order your copy here.

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Seth R. said...

Who is the Christian? And who is the Mormon?

Chad said...

Hello Seth R.,

Good call! I should have included that- thank you much for asking:

Christian- Joel Kramer

Mormon- Greg Gifford

Thanks for visiting and I was going to recommend you visit:

to view a trailer, but I see you have already been there!

Take care and have a great day!

Seth R. said...

Yes, I found that one after reading your post.

But I still feel none the wiser as to who Mr. Gifford or Mr. Kramer are - or why I should care about their opinions to begin with.

Mike's Mobile DJ Service said...

Dear Seth R,
"But I still feel none the wiser as to who Mr. Gifford or Mr. Kramer are - or why I should care about their opinions to begin with."

I pray that you do care about their opinions as they only help with your eternal salvation.

Mike's Mobile DJ Service said...

Seth R. said...

Funny, I thought it was just us Mormons who were supposed to be backing up our arguments with overwrought emotional appeals.

Steve said...

I just viewed this DVD, and it is really quite outstanding.

If you say you viewed this and still seriously question who is the Christian and who is the Mormon, I would question your sincerity, or your claim to have viewed this.

This is clearly and meticulously done, and not only shows the glaring incoherence of the Book of Mormon and its undocumented prophets, but also debunks many of the claims made by Dan Brown and others who claim the original Canon is not authentic or trustworthy.

There is also no appeal to emotion here. This goes point by point, start to finish, and I will be using it for my upcoming small group.


Anonymous said...

I’m sorry, but having someone as the “expert” that most Mormons have never even heard of is ridiculous.

If you were doing a study on Kentucky Fried Chicken and the secrets of it’s recipe, you would have Roger Eaton, the current President, live on the doctumentary, not just someone who reports to eat KFC three times a week.

Not creditable at all. Sorry.

Chad said...

Anonymous One,

Are you saying that only folks whom "most Mormons have heard of" can speak with authority on Mormon matters?

Further, is the President of KFC the only one who could know anything worth knowing about KFC chicken?


Troy's Blog said...

I viewed this video tonight and found it pretty well done. Even if you do not know the Mormon or the Christian in this documentary, you can still look at the principles involved. Does the challenge of a prophet make sense? If so which of the two books holds to the test? One has to have such a great faith to believe the Book of Mormon is truly the word of God, after all there is zero evidence of it being anything more than a fabricated story. There is no historical nor archeological evidence to prove it as otherwise. Let us reason this through just a bit. If the writers of the Book of Mormon had written it on gold plates wouldn't they have written other copies for the people? Not a single writing exists anywhere.

I only wish the author of this video had added some other failed prophecies of Joseph Smith. There are plenty more that could have been stated. His prophecy of the Civil War starting in South Carolina and involving the whole world. D&C 87:1-3

I also have a blog on Mormonism:

Peter said...

A few quick checks on the internet, and you will find lots of flaws in Mr. Kramer's film. This is not scholarship work. This is religous pornography. We do more to promote Christianity by proclaiming the Gospel truths and good news, rather than tearing down fellow Christians. The film is an embarrassment. I would never share it with someone I was trying to fellowship. If fact I can't. I destroyed my copy after viewing it.

Troy's Blog said...

You say the Mormons are fellow Christians? If you believe that you obviously do not know what Christians believe or what Mormons believe. Truth cannot contradict truth. Mormon doctrine is not the same as Christian doctrine. Their god is not the God of the bible. Their god, according to their own doctrine, was once a man as we are. Their belief is not in the trinity. They also claim to be the true church and consider all Christian churches as apostate. The video, "The Bible vs. Joseph Smith" is a well documented video. I encourage you to do more than a few "quick checks" on the internet. If you do a deeper research you will find that this video is well done and not "religious pornography" as you so aptly put it. The false gospel of Mormonism is the religious pornography and prostitution of the true gospel. You can read more about the false teachings of Mormonism on my blog: