Thursday, April 08, 2010

Essay Series: Is Christianity True? from Apologetics315

Apologetics315 has been hosting an essay series entitled Is Christianity True? This is "a series of 23 essays contributed by various apologetics bloggers from across the web. This series responds to the question: Why is Christianity True?"

The schedule of bloggers is as follows:

April 1: Chris Reese - Foreword
Brian Auten - Introduction

April 2: Tawa Anderson - Does God Exist?

April 5: Jim Wallace - The Best Explanation

April 6: Wes Widner - Coherent, Consistent & Livable

April 7: Richard Gerhardt

April 8: Bob Perry

April 9: Peter Grice

April 12: Chad Gross

April 13: Shelby Cade

April 14: Luke Nix

April 15: Aaron Brake

April 16: Amy Hall

April 19: James Patrick Holding

April 20: Stephen J. Bedard

April 21: Anthony Horvath

April 22: Mariano Grinbank

April 23: Marcus McElhaney

April 26: Vocab Malone / Paul D. Adams

April 27: Glenn Hendrickson; Brian Colón

April 28: Kyle Deming

April 29: Matthew Flannagan

April 30: Brian Auten

The essays in the series thus far have been excellent. I encourage our readers to follow this series and join the interactions!

Thanks to Brian at Apologetics315 for the opportunity!

Courage and Godspeed,

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