Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sermon: Lessons from Lily

The reality of suffering is something that each of us face. Regardless of our background, social standing, or worldview, we all suffer during our lives; but, does suffering serve any real purpose?

God has blessed my wife and I with two beautiful girls. Even before her birth, our youngest daughter, Lily Opal, had kidney issues. As a result, my wife, "Lily-O," and myself have made numerous trips to Children's Hospital and have shed many tears over the past year and half.

During these difficult times, God has shown Himself to be faithful in numerous ways and has taught Danielle and I priceless lessons. One such lesson is the main topic of this sermon that I was honored to share at my home church, Faith Christian Fellowship. Many thanks to Pastor Dave, Pastor Mike, and the church as a whole, for this opportunity.

You can listen to the message here. Feedback is welcomed.

Courage and Godspeed,


Billy said...

Nice job on that message Chad. Certainly thought provoking and challenging.

Chad said...

Yeah Billy!

Thank you for the comment! I'll be in touch; I haven't forgotten about you!