Friday, June 11, 2010

Book Review: Ten Commandments, Twice Removed by Danny Shelton and Shelley Quinn

Ten Commandments, Twice Removed, by Danny Shelton and Shelly Quinn, is a very popular tool used by the Seventh-Day Adventists in the area that I live in. The book's main premise is to establish that all true follower's of Christ should worship on Saturday, the true Sabbath, and not Sunday.

Although it has been a few years since I have read the book, I do have notes that I took throughout such as:

"For the simple reason that the authors choose to omit such a large amount of key verses regarding law and grace, their conclusions are not to be considered the result of an “in-depth study of all Scriptures related to a certain topic.

The authors rightly point out that unsound doctrine is a result of a “haphazard approach of using only a few Scriptures” and then proceed to do the very thing they accuse others of doing. Therefore there conclusions regarding law and grace are void and can‘t be taken seriously."

Ex-Adventist Outreach, a ministry of Former Seventh-Day Adventists, has provided this excellent, thorough review of TCTR here.

I would further encourage our readers to checkout the numerous resources offered by their ministry.

Courage and Godspeed,


Anonymous said...

Great! Now we are under grace and not under law! We can cheat, lie and kill.
Praise the Lord!

Chad said...

Hello Anonymous One,

"Now we are under grace and not under law! We can cheat, lie and kill."

Where exactly did you read that in the post or review?


Anonymous said...

Hello Chad, Yes ! If you so cleverly undermine the work of this book in just two paragraphs, indeed we can all easily read between your lines and state with the preceding anonymous : If I'm not under the 10 commandments law, I can cheat, lie, kill, commit adultery, since I don't have to "remember the Sabbath to keep it HOLY"

Chad said...

Anonymous One,

I recommend you actually read an entire post before commenting on it.

If you would have taken the time to do so, you would have seen the extensive book review in which the post refers.


Alex Castro said...

I agree with anonymous

Dan Thornton said...

Chad, thanks for the brief review and for pointing to other sites for more information. A brief skimming of the book revealed it was a rehash of the old tired argument that believers in Jesus Christ, even if they have never been part of the Jewish race, or have never lived in Israel, are legally under part of the law of Moses. Jesus and Paul in Scripture both make clear that we can't destroy the law by cutting it up and requiring people to keep just part of it and not the whole thing. This book does just that.