Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Featured Blog: The Jude 3 Project by Dayton Hartman

I wanted to direct our readers to an excellent blog that is kept by apologist Dayton Hartman called The Jude 3 Project.

Dayton writes:

"This blog exists to be a resource for those who are practicing apologetics and as a research portal for those seeking to explore the truth claims of Jesus Christ."

Mr. Hartman has had works published on such notable apologetic websites as answeringislam.org, bethinking.org, and apologetics.com.

You can view his publications here.

Dayton's blog deals with various issues such as Current events, Islam, Intelligent Design, Theology, World religions, and more!

Checkout The Jude 3 Project here.

Courage and Godspeed,


Bhikkhu aggacitto said...

Hi Everybody!

Here is an article that I think will be useful!



Bhikkhu aggacitto

Chad said...

My apologies for not publishing this before. I did not realize that the article dealt directly with Dayton's blog. I thought it was spam. I have been getting much of that as of late.

Please forgive me.


Bhikkhu aggacitto said...


It's always good to run into someone who is willing to engage in some honest and thoughtful conversation.
I hope you don't mind that I ask.....

Why did you become a Christian?
Do you believe in the doctrine of inerrancy regarding the Christian Bible?

Thank you for your time!

Oh and by the way..... Have a great day!

Bhikkhu aggacitto

Chad said...

Hello Bhikkho,

Hello and thank you for the respectful response.

I became a Christian for two main reasons:

1. I was drawn to the teachings of Christ. His teachings seemed to have "a ring of truth" to them. Ultimately, His teachings correspond to the reality I find myself in.

2. I found the evidence for the existence of God, the validity of the Bible, and the resurrection of Christ compelling.

What do you mean by inerrancy?

Take care

Bhikkhu aggacitto said...


By "inerrancy" I am speaking of the doctrine that the Bible is without errors that is, the unerring perfect inspired word of an unerring perfect Creator God.

Do you subscribe to this notion? By the look of your previous response it would seem that you do. Before we go any further with any sort of dialog, I just wanted to make sure.......


Bhikkhu aggacitto

Chad said...

Hello Bhikkhu,

I hope you are well.

My view of the inerrancy of scripture is expressed well by Wayne Grudem in our latest post found here.

Moreover, at this point in time I do not intent to get involved in a lengthy dialogue about the topic. I simply don't have the time.


Bhikkhu aggacitto said...

Hi Chad!

I understand. Its a sticky subject for many Christians that I know, even those who write books about it!

Thanks for having the time to respond.

Have a great day!

Bhikkhu aggacitto