Thursday, July 29, 2010

Audio: The Real Problem with Buddhism MP3 by Ellis Potter

Brian of Apologetics315 continues to dish out the best apologetics audio resources around.

Recently, Brian featured a lecture given by a former Buddhist who evaluates Buddhism.

Brian wrote:

"Ex-Zen Buddhist Ellis Potter gives this talk evaluating Buddhism. (Hear an interview with him here, and another MP3 evaluating Eastern Religions here.) This talk explores the concepts of monism, dualism, trinitarianism, and the concept of unity and diversity. A number of other Ellis Potter lectures can be found here. Original audio hosted at Christian Heritage."

The full MP3 audio can be found here.

Thank you Brian!

Courage and Godspeed,


Anonymous said...

Being unable to find your email contact i thought i would leave a message here: Love your web site -- it looks great. Would you consider looking at and see if you can link to it or blog about it?
Keith Kendrex

Chad said...

Hello Keith,

Thank you for the encouragement and we will certainly checkout your site!