Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Article: Are Christians Biased in their Reasoning?

Today's featured article comes from Stand to Reason and deals with the topic of bias.
The article is titled Are Christians Biased in their Reasoning?
They write:

"And, of course, non-believers will claim that theists are already predisposed (biased) toward a theistic conclusion before they even look at the evidence! They will tell us that because we already believe that there IS a God, we are too biased to examine the evidence fairly. Well, let’s be clear about something. As a believing Christian, I certainly have a point of view, no doubt about it. But is it possible for me to examine a particular set of evidences fairly? Of course it is! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you, as a Christian, are the only person with a point of view. Each and every one of us has a point of view from which we look and examine the world. Yet each of us has the capacity to judge the evidence fairly if our point of view does not ELIMINATE certain forms of evidence from consideration before we even begin. After all, juries are formed everyday in our legal system. People who hold a variety of viewpoints are assembled to make life and death decisions in court cases because the attorneys and judges are convinced that in spite of their views, they will be able to judge the evidence fairly. And that is exactly what happens everyday in courtrooms across America. Bias has nothing to do with holding a point of view. Bias occurs when your viewpoint eliminates certain forms of evidence and evidential conclusions before you even begin the investigation.
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Anonymous said...

Biased has become a dirty word hurled at people from both sides.

I am a Christian and have come by my beliefs carefully and rationally. They have been tested and verified and worthy of retention. I know what is firm and what is still elastic in my beliefs. From this position I will evaluate new information.

If someone says something that defies the law of gravity, then I'll wait for an explanation, but it better make sense; the power had better be strong enough to overcome that law.

Our biases are simply the accumulation of impressions, feelings, opinions, attitudes, facts, culture, research, peer pressure, hurts, and fears we've picked up as individuals. Our biases make us unique. But it helps to know which of those biases are worthy of keeping and changing.

Steve Husting
author, Doubt Busters iPhone app

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