Monday, February 21, 2011

Resource: Answers for Atheists

The authors of the excellent apologetics website have recently created another great resourse Answers for Atheists. This website offers "brief answers to the most common atheist objections to the Christan Worldview."

The resources include:
We encourage our readers to checkout Answers for Atheists.

Finally, we have also added this great resource to our Apologetics Arsenal with you can checkout here.

Courage and Godspeed,


Anonymous said...


The "arguments" on that site are only convincing to a believer.

You assume questions have answers: What does four smell like?

Further, Magic Man did it doesn't offer an answer with any explanatory power. It's just away to offer an arbitrary stopping point in the search for knowledge.

Chad said...

Anonymous One,

The "arguments" on that site are only convincing to a believer.

Interestingly, J. Warner, one of the authors of the site, was a long time atheist. Apparently, he found many of the answers sufficient.

Further, I didn't see any arguments for a "magic man in the sky."