Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apologetics315 Interview: Former Atheist Richard Morgan

Brian Auten of Apologetics315 has continued his weekly interviews with various Christian apologists and thinkers. For a complete list of his past interviews, see here.

Recently, he interviewed former atheist Richard Morgan.

Brian explains:

"Today's interview is with Richard Morgan, a former atheist who found salvation in Jesus Christ. His testimony is fascinating, as part of his conversion story came about through his interactions on the Richard Dawkins website discussion boards. He has appeared on the Unbelievable? Radio program (here / MP3). He talks about his background, how he arrived at atheism, how he viewed God, his encounters on the RD forums, and his conversion to Christianity. He also offers some words of insight for Christians and atheists."

You can read his story in this PDF.

The full Interview MP3 Audio is here.

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David Lilly said...
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Chad said...


Did you listen to the interview or read Richard's story? I believe it would be more beneficial to discuss the actual reasons behind Richard's conversion.

Further, thank you for the links.  They are useful for my own research and I am familiar with the one.  However, in the future please know that the comments section is intended to actually engage and interact with the content of the post; whether it be an interview, article, or video.   
This is so the commenter simply can't "link" an argument or "appeal to wiki."  We are interested in exploring the reasons for belief and unbelief, not hand-waving.