Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Article: Is God Imaginary? by

I receive various emails and comments regarding different websites on the Internet. Recently, a website was brought to my attention entitled God is Imaginary. As someone who considers the question of God's existence or non-existence to be of utmost importance, I visited the site and was disappointed at what I found.

Most of the so-called "proofs" of God's non-existence lacked any type of formal argumentation and are nothing more than what I have dubbed in the past "Cookie Monster" objections.

Got Questions? has written an article that responds to this website that I felt was worth highlighting.

They write:

"Addressing each of the 50 points is unnecessary as it doesn’t matter if the site had 50,000 “proof” points against God; all one needs to do is use a logical, rational, and reasonable argument to show that God does indeed exist and every point becomes irrelevant. It is telling and interesting that focuses so much of its time on red herrings of issues with prayer and why God won’t do tricks upon request, and ignores the primary question of philosophy and religion: “Why do we have something rather than nothing at all?”

I encourage our readers to check out the entire article here.

Further, the audio is available here.

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David Lilly said...

Hi Chad,

The Cookie Monster piece was cute. But, taken as a whole (all 50), is very compelling. Proof #2 alone is enough to create doubt. Really, what does God have against amputees? If what you are praying for is impossible, the prayer will NEVER be answered. Apparently, God does not answer prayers for things that would require God. The whole world praying in unison would not result in the return of a person’s limb. Often you hear about people praying for another person’s health to improve, and it does. Wow, God must have answered the prayer, not necessarily. The human body is capable of recovering from an illness, especially with man created medicines. There is NO PROOF that God intervened in any way. Prayer does not work and studies have shown that over and over.

Many people I know think is great, even if it is not perfect like the bible. ;-)

Also, has a really good forum and blog. Check them out.



Chad said...

Hello David,

Thank you for the comment.

Proof #2 alone is enough to create doubt. Really, what does God have against amputees?

This is a common argument that I believe can be answered to a sincere inquirers satisfaction; however, before exploring this objection further, I have a few questions for you.

If I could give you good evidence that Christianity was true, would you even be willing to believe it? Or would you want to?

Moreover, if I could provide you with good answers to your amputee objection, would you then be willing to become a follower of Jesus Christ?

Finally, have you read any treatments on the subject of "Why God Won't Heal Amputees?" If so, which ones? If not, why not?

Before dealing with this very answerable objection, I think it's important these questions be answered.


Rick Supplee said...

It is a waste of time for them to present many reason why God does not exist when they do not deal adequately on what is the cause of the universe. Common Sense demands there be a creator and so arguments against God are pointless.