Friday, January 20, 2012

Are You in the Third Column?

Greg Koukl explains in Stand to Reason’s first Solid Ground of 2012 that in the years following the 1925 Scopes trial “Christianity lost its claim as a player in the marketplace of ideas.” Then a first column in the fight to defend the Gospel formed. It was made up of men like Norm Geisler, John Warwick Montgomery, Francis Schaeffer, Josh McDowell, and Walter Martin. These men paved the way in bringing Christianity back into the “marketplace of ideas.”

The second column, much bigger than the first, then formed. This column is made up of people like Craig Hazen, Frank Beckwith, William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland, and Stephen Meyer. This column was influenced either directly or indirectly by the first and is currently equipping Christians to defend classical Christianity and its values. This column has shown that Christianity is still worth thinking about.

The third column has started to form, and it is massive. It is made up of “sharp, committed ambassadors for Christ who are students of those in the first two columns and are grouping up with others of kindred spirit in their local communities. Their names will probably never grace the cover of a book or be in lights on an apologetics conference marquee. Instead, they are foot soldiers with boots on the ground, individually being faithful to defend the Gospel in smaller arenas their Commander in Chief has entrusted to them.”

For those of us in this third column, if you are looking for some encouragement, check out the latest edition of Solid Ground.

Stand firm in Christ,

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