Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Featured Videos: 10 Most Common Myths about God

Apologetics315 has featured 10 short videos featuring Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley that deal with 10 of the most common myths about God.

They are as follows:

• Myth 1: Christianity is Blind Faith
• Myth 2: The Bible is a Magic Book
• Myth 3: God Wants Us Healthy and Wealthy
• Myth 4: Jesus is Not God
• Myth 5: The Trinity Was Invented
• Myth 6: Good Works Get Us to Heaven
• Myth 7: People Are Basically Good
• Myth 8: All Paths Lead to God
• Myth 9: I Go to Church So I'm a Christian
• Myth 10: Satan is the Opposite of God

Enjoy and checkout Apologetics315 here.  It's a great place for learning and discussion!

Courage and Godspeed,

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