Dallas Willard on Logical Thinking

"...one can be logical only if one is committed to being logical as a fundamental value. One is not logical by chance, any more than one just happens to be moral. And, indeed, logical consistency is a significant factor in moral character. That is part of the reason why in an age that attacks morality, as ours does, the logical will also be demoted or set aside--as it now is."

You can checkout a great article by Willard [one of my favorites] entitled "Jesus the Logician" here.

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Anonymous said…
Dallas Willard promotes contemplative new age spirituality. He is linked to many new age emerging authors. He wrote the forward and back covers to many of these new age authors. Ruth Haley Barton, Sue Monk Kidd, Bill Hybels, Thomas Merton, Richard Foster, Jan Johnson etc. He was a main speaker at the renovare institute witch promotes this mystic prayer. Do you believe it is safe to take in other teachings knowing they promote heresy? Just wanting your thoughts.
Chad said…
Hello Anonymous One,

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

I have no problem gleaming from the teachings of one who promotes logical thinking as part of one's moral character and calls Jesus Christ "the smartest man who ever lived." I wish the church of Christ would embrace both of these truths.

In regard to Willard's supposed involvement in promoting contemplative prayer [a very broad term, btw] and "new age spirituality," I have seen nothing like this in Willard's talks that I have listened to or articles [like the one featured in this post] that I have read. How much of Willard's work have you familiarized yourself with?

Finally, even if I grant, for the sake of argument, that Willard does promote New Age spirituality, this post deals with logical thinking and Jesus' skills as a logician.

Anonymous said…
Hello again, thanks for replying to my question. Referring to Dallas Willards work, I'm only familiar with the promotion of contemplative prayer that he promotes. Do a google search for yourself on this matter. Here is just one. cicministry.org/commentary/issue91.htm this shows some of his logical thinking. I do not wish to judge any man but, the scriptures tells us judge what is right luke 12:57 were to avoid them romans 16:17 were to test their teachings 1john 4:1. We must contend as written in jude 1. This article may be ok but if one looks deeper into his false teachings he may be led astray. Three books he wrote: renovation of the heart-the spirit of discipline-hearing God all have CP/spiritual form. teachings in them. Gal 5:9 a little leaven leavens all and my biggest concern is many falling away because of this heresy. Gal 5:19 will not enter the Kingdom of heaven. Looking forward to talking to you. God Bless.