Jesus: The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived

It was the late Dallas Willard who was fond of saying, "Jesus Christ is the smartest man who ever lived."  Have you ever thought of Jesus in this way?  If you are a Christian, it is important that you realize that seeing Jesus as intelligent and smart is critical to your discipleship.  Why? Simply put, if you don't think your teacher is very bright, you aren't going to learn much from Him.  Further, if Jesus is thought of as irrelevant to your intellect, you will not go to Him to learn how to live. And if you don't go to Him to learn how to live, then you are not His disciple.

The following are resources that will aid you in viewing Jesus perhaps in a way you have not considered before.


How Did Jesus Argue?  Jesus and Logic by J.P. Moreland

Jesus: Philosopher and Apologist by Doug Groothuis

Jesus the Logician by Dallas Willard

Who Is Your Teacher? by Dallas Willard

Jesus Used Logic by Dave Miller

The Apologetics of Jesus by Patrick Zukeran

Jesus: The Master of Critical Thinking by Juan Valdes


Jesus as a Logician and Apologist by Dallas Willard

Loving God with All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland


Loving God with All Your Mind by J.P. Moreland

On Jesus by Doug Groothuis

The Apologetics of Jesus by Norm Geisler and Patrick Zukeran

The Great Omission by Dallas Willard

The Philosophy of Jesus by Peter Kreeft

Courage and Godspeed,

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Anonymous said…
Jesus is not the smartest man whoever lived. I would have to say Isaac Newton was the smartest. He developed core understanding of calculus, practically made physics, and made a bunch of other discoveries as well. Too bad he had a mental breakdown. That man could have probably came up with Einstein's theory about gravity given enough time and technology. Jesus doesn't even rank in the top ten. Using the bible as a source for your argument is null and void considering most of the things written in the bible were based off of a certain area. To claim that jesus was an intellectual is very surprising considering he didn't even contribute to the sciences in any way or help broaden the understanding of the universe.
Chad said…
Hello Anonymous One,

So, what did you think of the resources offered here?

Anonymous said…
Post up some peer reviewed articles then it might be worth looking at.
Chad said…
Anonymous One,

Do you only look at peer-reviewed articles?

Unknown said…
Yes and No. If I want to read something that makes claims, such as causes of economic crisis's or the role of women in victorian culture, than a peer reviewed article is more credible to believe when compared to non-peer reviewed articles. For example, my grandfather published a book which basically tries to prove the validity of a majority of conspiracy theories. The point is that anyone can write or publish an article or book. A peer review is a more rigorous process that is used in academics to validate claims made by other academics. If the article fails to provide evidence for its claims, the article is returned to the author with proper criticisms and suggestions. That is not to say that peer reviewed articles are the only reliable source of evidence, but someone wishes to validate a claim through use of a source, the source had better be peer reviewed or of equal caliber.
I peer review articles sometimes, and I have to say, Mark, your idolization of the process is extremely naïve. The process does not test for genius. Like big dogs, really smart people often feel less need to prove that they're smart. Of course Jesus was not a scientist, though some historians of science (including one I know at Oxford) credit the movement he started as aiding the rise of modern science. More obviously, many of the greatest geniuses in human history, including psychological and literary genius like Dickens and Tolstoy and Lin Yutang, and many of the world's greatest reformers, have recognized Jesus as a transcendent genius to whom they looked up.
Anonymous said…
So a person can only be considered a genius if they contribute to the sciences? Interesting.
Unknown said…
Dear anonymous,

Could you please offer peer reviewed articles in support of your claims regarding Isaac Newton?

Equivalent Standards.