Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Featured Resource: The Case for Life by Scott Klusendorf

Scott Klusendorf, author of the book The Case for Life, has put together an outstanding website that offers various tools to equip Christians to make a case for the unborn.

Klusenforf offers various articles of excellent quality that successfully build a case for the unborn.  They are as follows:

Only One Issue

Scientific Case

Philosophical Case

Visual Evidence

Human Value

After Abortion

Pro-Choice Mistakes

Q & A


If you are interested in becoming a case maker for the helpless among us, check out The Case for Life website and the Life Training Institute.

You can also checkout a review of Scott Klusendorf's book here.

Finally, you can listen to an interview with Klusendorf here.  Transcript is here.

Courage and Godspeed,

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