Saturday, April 13, 2013

Proof That God Exists

Sye Ten Bruggencate, at his website Proof that God Exists, utilizes pre-suppositional apologetics in a very clever way.

What to see Sye's proof that God exists?  Go here.

For those not familiar with this approach, his site is a great introduction!  There is great value in being familiar with the various approaches to apologetics.  I believe each have something of value to offer!


Courage and Godspeed,


John Moore said...

I got into an endless loop because he wouldn't let me say I don't know. This is not a glitch. I say some things are true even though I don't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why has his site changed. He used to ask questions about morality, the law of non-contradiction, meaning, purpose etc? Now it's just logic. It was much more detailed. Was he refuted on those other points?

Chad said...

Hello Anonymous One,

I'm not sure. I didn't realize it had changed. You can contact Mr. Bruggencate here.

Thank you

Andrew Ryan said...

The idea that one needs God for the law of non contradiction is bizarre. If it wasn't for God, A would not equal A? Well what would it equal then? If it didn't equal A, why did you call it A in the first place?

Sye also contends that unless you can be absolutely sure about EVERYTHING, then it's impossible to have any knowledge at all, unless you're getting information from someone who DOES know everything (ie, God). But by his own logic, if we're all scrabbling in the dark so much for information, there's no way he can confirm that he is in fact getting information from God.

Sye TenB said...

//"Was he refuted on those other points?"//

Nope, they were just unnecessary for the proof, and I was getting too many bizarre e-mails with scenarios where people thought that molestation might be right.

Also there is an app being worked on for the site, and I wanted to simplify the site for the app.

Thanks for your question.

Sye TenB said...

//" If it wasn't for God, A would not equal A?"//

If not for God, you would could not make sense of your question.

//" there's no way he can confirm that he is in fact getting information from God."//

Are you saying that God cannot make us certain? If so, how are you certain of that?

Andrew Ryan said...

"Are you saying that God cannot make us certain?"

I'm saying you have no way of telling the difference between thinking you're certain and being wrong, and being certain because a God has made you certain. Sure, a God can make you really, really certain, but you might feel the same way without a God's help, and still be wrong - it's an unfalsifiable feeling.

"If not for God, you would could not make sense of your question."

I'm not talking about whether I could make sense of it or not, I asked: "If it wasn't for God, A would not equal A?"

Andrew Ryan said...

I've just been on the site and went through the options. Sye could have saved time if he'd just started with the proposition he ends with, because anyone who's not on board right then still won't be after they've gone through all the options.

It basically comes down to 'this can only be so if there's a God', an assertion he never gives evidence for and which we're just supposed to take on trust.

He also seems to assume that the only way anyone can be certain about something is if a God makes them certain, whereas history is littered with people very certain about something they turned out to be completely wrong about.