Saturday, May 11, 2013

Article: Atheism's Universe is Meaningless and Valueless by J.W. Wartick

In this featured post, J.W. Wartick contends that what follows from atheism is a meaningless and valueless universe.

His argument is as follows:

1) On materialistic atheism, all we are is matter in motion.
2) There is no objective reason to value matter moving in way over matter moving in way B
3) Therefore, on materialistic atheism, there is no value or meaning
You can see how he supports the premises here.
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Andrew R said...

You might as well say there's no objective reason to value God over Satan.

John Moore said...

Once again I find myself agreeing with you Christians. Wartick's three points clearly show that there's no ultimate cosmic meaning. On the other hand, human meaning does exist in the world.

Meaning comes from wanting. God's ultimate meaning is his sovereign will, right? And human meaning is our human will.

Let's suppose that wanting is like inertia. Matter in motion "wants" to keep moving like that. In our brains we have neural-electric flows that keep flowing. That's all wanting is.

Wartick is right again that there's no ultimate objective reason for us to want something in particular, but in fact everyone does want the same thing. We all want to survive. The evolutionary striving for survival is the meaning of life. It's inevitable, so we can call it objective - in the human sense.

Summary of my argument:

a) Meaning comes from wanting.
b) Wanting is like inertia.
c) All living things strive instinctively to survive.
d) Therefore, meaning for a living thing is the desire to survive.