Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Article: Why Apologetics Has a Bad Name by Sean McDowell

In this featured article, apologist Sean McDowell gives an honest assessment of what the "problem" with apologetics is.

An outline of the article is as follows:

How Apologists Give Apologetics a Bad Name

  • Apologists often overstate their case
  • Apologists often do not speak with gentleness, love and respect
  • Apologists are often not emotionally healthy
  • Apologetics is often done in a cold, mechanical and rationalistic manner
  • Apologists are often intellectually elitists  
How People's Understanding of Christianity and Culture Gives Apologetics a Bad Name
  • Apologetics is about the mind, but faith is considered about the heart
  • Apologetics is considered irrelevant in our Postmodern Culture
What Needs to Happen Next

This is a great article that should give the reflective apologist pause.

You can find it here.

Courage and Godspeed,

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Chad Miller said...

I think one of the biggest strikes against us is we're such a broad group, and I'm speaking of Classical Apologists; not Presuppositional (openness is not an issue with the PA group).

Under that broad umbrella you have many different denominations, and a lot of conservative evangelical Christians aren't too comfortable with us sidling next to Catholics (for instance). Also, I know many evangelicals are reticent about many of us being old earthers (thank you Ken Ham). There's just a lot of labels we get lumped together as, primarily something to do with being "liberal", which usually have zero actual merit.