Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Article: The Spiderman Fallacy by Robin Schumacher

In this featured article, Robin Schumacher tells about a conversation he had with an atheist:

"An atheist that I was dialoging with last week tried to support his disbelief in Jesus through the use of the “Spiderman fallacy”, which is a contrived argument that has been defined in the following way by Urban Dictionary:

Archaeologists 1,000 years from now unearth a collection of Spiderman comics. From the background art, they can tell it takes place in New York City. NYC is an actual place, as confirmed by archaeology. However, this does not mean that Spiderman existed.
Often used to illustrate the flaw in the assertion by evangelical Christians that archaeologists unearthing biblical cities today "proves" that the Bible was written by a supernatural force.
The Spiderman Fallacy is committed any time the discovery of a mundane element from a myth, legend, or story is taken to mean that ALL other parts of that story, even the supernatural, are also true."
Schumacher goes on to explain why he believes it's a mistake for atheists to use this argument.
You can check out the article here.
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