Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Book Preview: A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig

Dr. William Lane Craig has released a new book entitled A Reasonable Response.  

The description is as follows:

Followers of Jesus need not fear hard questions or objections against Christian belief. In A Reasonable Response, renowned Christian philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig offers dozens of examples of how some of the most common challenges to Christian thought can be addressed, including:
  • Why does God allow evil?
  • How can I be sure God exists?
  • Why should I believe that the Bible is trustworthy?
  • How does modern science relate to the Christian worldview?
  • What evidence do we have that Jesus rose from the dead?
Utilizing real questions submitted to his popular website, Dr. Craig models well-reasoned, skillful, and biblically informed interaction with his inquirers. A Reasonable Response goes beyond merely talking about apologetics to showing it in action. With cowriter Joseph E. Gorra, this book also offers advice about envisioning and practicing the ministry of answering people's questions through the local church, workplace, and in online environments.
Whether you're struggling to respond to tough objections or looking for answers to your own intellectual questions, A Reasonable Response will equip you with sound reasoning and biblical truth.

Brett Kunkle of Stand to Reason writes of the book:

"This is a Q&A book that goes well beyond mere questions and answers. It will linger with
you, inviting you into the practice of thinking itself. If you study this book carefully, you will
certainly gain a rich storehouse of Christian answers. But more importantly, it will equip
you to think for yourself so that eventually you're able to arrive at answers on your own.
And when you can do that, you will be well-positioned to help others discover satisfying
answers to their deepest questions."

You can
get it here.

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Nitoy Gonzales said...

I enjoyed Reasonable Faith probably I'll enjoy this too...

Roger Adlon said...

Way cool! I didn't know he was even working on this. I liked his "Hard Questions, Real Answers" and I am now looking forward to reading this!

Thanks Dr. Craig and thanks to Chad for posting!

Eddie Eddings said...

Adding it to my Kindle wish list. Thanks for making me aware of this.