Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Praise: "Stronger" and "This is Our God" by Hillsong

Stand firm in Christ,


Sherryn @ said...

Hi, not sure if you realize that Hillsong preaches an utterly false gospel, and promotes and embraces many of the worst false teachers in the visible church today. Their music is drawn from a poison well of false doctrine, and to be honest I would suggest that however unwittingly, they are singing to a different god. Might be worth a thought when choosing praise music. Some of their current longer songs are designed to be contemplative and repetitive and to facilitate a mystical experience and/or visions.

No need to respond if busy, just wanted to let you know.

Blessings in Christ, Sherryn (Australia)

Chad said...

Hello Sherryn,

Admittedly, I have not heard this. If you wouldn't mind, could you point me in the direction of some evidence to sustain these claims?

I appreciate your concern and we here at Truthbomb certainly do not want to aid in the advancement of any "false gospel" or "false teachers!"


Roger Adlon said...

I found a couple of books by Pastor Brian Houston on Amazon: "How to Maximize Your Life" with 3 5-star reviews and "You Need More Money" with 3 1-star reviews. Hmmmm...

A very brief search found sites accusing the Hillsong church of preachings a "health and prosperity" gospel.

Another site was scathing in its assertion of "Women wearing pants! Rock music! Speaking-in-tongues! Women preachers! A perverted gospel of self-righteousness! It's all of the Devil!!!" I'd take that one with a healthy grain of salt.

Just an observation after a very quick search.

Sealed in His Grace,